Abrasion Resistant Conveyor Belt

Abrasion index of rubber compound is a very important factor to service life of a conveyor belt, VSK knows very well how-to maximum service life of your rubber belt by providing superior abrasion resistant cover compound, which is specially developed for those abrasive material.

DIN-W (18Mpa; 90mm3) is the world-wide accepted abrasion resistant cover grade, which can satisfy most abrasion applications, VSK provides grade W belts fully accompany with DIN standard.

For those require higher abrasion resistant than DIN-W, VSK has ultra-abrasion resistant compound which can be lower than 70mm3 .

For more technical information of abrasion resistant belt, please feel free to contact us.

Abrasion Resistant Belt

Longer service-life, better performance

Ultra abrasion resistant,

SH Abrasion ≤30mm3
SH Abrasion ≤50mm3


Super Abrasion resistant
Grade AS1332-A≤70mm3

Grade DIN22102-W≤90mm3)