VSK supplies full range of rubber sheets, NR, SBR, EPDM, Silicon, Viton, Butyl, CR, NBR, Hypalon...

Different thickness(0.5~50mm), virous colour(Black, Red, Green, Blue, Gray, White, Transparent), any width(10~4000mm),

No matter individual usage for one small piece, or massive industrial application for hundred rolls,

VSK is willing to provide you with cost-effective solutions.    


VSK Rubber Sheet Selection Chart

Application NR SBR NBR IIR EPDM CR CSM/Hypalon MVQ/Silicon FKM/Viton
Abarasion E E G G G G G P E
Temperature -30/+80 -30/+100 -40/+120 -35/150 -35/130 -35/+100 -50/+150 -60/+300 -30/+250
Ageing P F E E E G E E E
Water F G E G E G G G E
Alkali F F F F E F G F E
Acid F F P F G F G G E
Oil N N E N N F F E E
Aliphatic solvents N N F N N F P E E
Aromatic Solvents N N F N N N N G E
Halogenated Solvents N N N N N N N G E
Fuels N N G N N N P G E
E: Excellent      G: Good      F: Fair      P: Poor       N: Not recomend

Please note: this is general guide information, please contact our sales engineer for detailed information


VSK rubber sheet production facility



Nature Rubber 



Nature Rubber Sheet available with one side roughened, or fabric impression, or cold bonding layer (CN layer).



Synthetic Rubber Sheet


EPDM / Ethylene-Propylene-Diene Monomer

NBR / Nitrile

CR / Chloroprene





FKM / Viton sheet  - VSK Industrial Limited



VSK rubber tech

VSK production rubber sheet Viton

You will also find more information about synthetic rubber here.

VSK rubber sheet in stock silicon, fkm,csm,cr,IIR,neoprene


Rubber Sheets

EPDM | SBR/NR | NBR | CR | Butyl | Silicone | Viton

Rubber Sheet Maximum width 4000mm,

With or without fabric insertion,

Smooth surface or with profile pattern.

Nature based, or synthetic based composit.

Sealing, Gasketing, Roofing...all applications.




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