Vulcanising Press | Portable Vulcanizer |Conveyor Belting Welding Machine

Conveyor belt can only work after endless splicing, there are many ways of making conveyor belt endless.

In VSK, we provide with Cold bonding splicing, belt fastner splicing, quick screw spling and hot vulcanising splicing. Each way has it's own advantage for your consideration.


Hot vulcanising splicing is considering as one of the most stable and strongest way of conveyor belt joint, especially reconmended for new conveyor belts.


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Before do hot vulcanising spling for conveyor belts, you need right tools to get things done.

VSK provides types of hot vulcanising press machines. You can always rely on VSK if you are looking for a cost-effective vulcanising press machine, we have the best option here for you. 


Hot vulcanizing press supplied by VSK, equiped with electrical pump and mamual pump, water cooling system, control carbinet, hydraulic hoses, power cords, rachet wrenches, as well as thermal baffles.    




Plywood Package of VSK hot vulcanizing press.



Detailed Operation Manual in English language with easy understanding pictures available from VSK.

10 STEPS to get splicing done, contact with our sales for more informaiton.



  1. Voltage: 380V. 525V. 480V. 440V. 415V. 400V or 220V according to request.
  2. Temperature range: 0~200℃ adjustable
  3. Timing Range: 0~60min adjustable
  4. Operating pressure up to 1.8 Mpa for fabric and/or steelcord conveyor belting.
  5. Heating up time: ≤30min 
Technical Parameter and Packing List of VSK vulcanizing press
Item Details
Voltage  220V / 380V / 415V / 440V / 480V / 660V   3 phases
Vulcanising pressure 1.0~1.5Mpa (150~220 psi)
Vulcanising temperature 145±5 ℃ (or as per requirement)
Warm up time within 30 minites 
Control cabinet standard control cabinet
Pressure device manual pump and electrical pump
Temperature adjust range enveroment temperature to 199
Timer adjust range 0~99 minutes
Heating plate 2 pcs
Water bag 1 pcs
Heat insulation plate 2 pcs
Cross beams 10~12 pcs
Bolts&Nuts 10~12 pcs
Rachet wrench 2 handles
Input cable 1*10m
Output cable 2*5m



Model Heating plate size  Max. belt width Beams Dimensions Total
Pressure Control
(mm) (mm) (Kg) mm kg ea ea
VSK-650 710x810 650 20 1142x710x560 450 1 1
VSK-800 710x1000 800 24 1320x710x560 466 1 1
VSK-1000 710x1193 1000 27 1440x710x560 510 1 1
VSK-1200 710x1420 1200 38 1680x710x650 620 1 1
VSK-1400 710x1625 1400 44 1950x710x650 850 1 1
VSK-1600 710x1800 1600 59 2060x710x710 980 1 1
VSK-1800 710x2080 1800 84 2320x710x980 1100 1 1
VSK-2000 710x2330 2000 91 2582x710x980 1380 1 1
VSK-2200 710x2490 2200 109 2842x710x980 1470 1 1
VSK-2400 710x2640 2400 121 2950x710x980 1550 1 1
VSK-2600 710x2820 2600 127 3128x710x1120 1620 1 1
VSK-2800 710 x3190 2800 140 3328x710x1120 1730 1 1


VSK vulcanizing presses are easy to use, and capable of handling a variety of complex working conditions, it is are a very cost-effective option for any splicing requirements.

If you have the budget, you can also consider VSK Super Light Vulcanizing Press Machine:

Click on the following picture for our Super Light Vulcanizing Press Machine 

VSK super light vulcanizing press machine 


Vulcanising Press

Portable splicing machine

Light weight construction for portable usage.

Visiable temperature setting and adjusting.

Quick heating time, quick cooling time.

Stable and consistent pressure, easy to use.



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