Dual Seal Skirting Rubber

VSK stocks different types of dual seal skirting rubber,

With PU reinforced, gives extra wear resistance, in width of 150mm and 190mm, normal roll length of 20meters.


Full rubber dual seal skirting based with EPDM compound, excellent anti-aging, ozone resistant character, in width of 108mm and 178mm, normal roll length of 50 meters.  

VSK sepcial package for dual seal skirting rubber ensures the goods presented to clients in best condition.


Perfect mathc with VSK impact bed, to solve material spilling, and dust problem.

Dual Seal Skirting Rubber

Solution for material spillage and dust

Previenting material spillage and dust.

Soft rubber compound avoid unnecessary belt wear.

EPDM based compound, avoid high termperature failure.

Wear resistant and ozone resistant.



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