Tradition nationl heating board are using heating elements made by manual.

Latest heating sheet of VSK super light vulcanizing press are using computer controled Electronic circuit.


New technology makes the heating sheet 70% lighter than conventional heating board, more easy to handle.

Compare with conventional heating board, new type of VSK silicone heating sheet has following characters:

1. Safter, free from electric hazards. 

2. Ligher, less than half weight of same size old type.

3. Heating more evenly and balanced.

4. Efficiency electronic circuit also means energy saving.

5. Longer service life, free from mantanance.


Rubber Pressure Bag


VSK Artificial Intelligence programmed vulcanizing press

Super Light Vulcanizing Press Machine

Lighter but stronger rubber belt splicing machine

Light weight construction for portable usage.

Visiable temperature setting and adjusting.

Quick heating time, quick cooling time.

Stable and consistent pressure, easy to use.

Artificial intelligence programmed vulcanzing. 



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