PVC Solidwoven Elevator Belt

Solidwoven elevator belt from VSK specially designed with integated solid woven carcass, provides excellent character of dynamic fatigue flex character, and holding the elevator bucket tightly through bolts.


PVC coated surface also has excellent oil resistant character, which makes the elevator belt suitable for installation on grain elevator usage and other similar application.  


One side smooth and one side with fabric impression, impression side gives better friction coefficient on pulley, avoid slipping and deviation of elevator belt.


Hole punching and elevator buckets installation service also available from VSK.



Parameters of VSK pvc solidwoven elevator belt:

Art. No. Colour Belt Strength Elongation
at standard charge
Adhension Working
N/ mm % (N/mm)
PVC230 Blue 400 ≤1.0 ≥4.5 -10 — +85
PVC400 700
PVC520 900
PVC640 1100



Parameter of VSK pvc solidwoven elevator belt cover 

Test Item Unit Index
Tensile Strengt MPa ≥15.0
Elongation at break % ≥300
Abrasion loss mm3 ≤100
Dynamic fatigue flex   2.50million times no cracking
Fire resistant S Average≤6S,no flame repeat.
Anti-static Ω ≤3X108

Solidwoven Bucket Elevator Belt

Anti-static, Flam retardant elevator belt.

PVC coated surface,

Excellent oil resistant character,

Anti-static, wear resistant and Flame retardant,

solidwoven construction suitabel for bucket bolts.



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