Flexco Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners are designed for repair and splice of rubber conveyor belt, very easy to use and fast istallation which is very important to minimise belt down time in the event of belt damage,

Suitable for heavy duty working condition, good wear resistant and strong ability of grip belt cover and carcass. There strength comes from the plate teeth which penetrate the belt and high tensile bolts.


Specification Belt Thickness Belt Strength Min.Pulley
(mm) (N/mm) (mm)
1” 5-11 300 Φ300
140# 5-11 400 Φ350
190# 8-14 630 Φ450
1 1/2” 11-17 500 Φ450
2” 14-21 750 Φ750
2 1/2” 19-25 800 Φ1050
3” ≥24 2 Φ1200



Other types of conveyor belt fastener also available from VSK.

VSK also stock no brand Bolt Solid Plate Fasteners, which is also a cost-effective option. 

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Conveyor Belt Fasteners

Original Flexco quality level

Suitable for Splice or Temporary Repairs
Grips belt without damaging fibres
Different specificaiton for different belt Thickness.
And for different Pulley Diameter
Package in "E" box or "C" bucket.





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