Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Solid woven carcass use high-quality polyester filament which is high-strength, low-strength in the longitudinal direction, and the high-strength, medium-sized nylon filament in the transverse direction has high strength, small elongation, light body,

Dipped with PVG or PVG compound, solid woven conveyor belt no problem of delamination, anti-shock and tear resistance character combined with good trough ability.


Special PVC cover compound has good static conductivity property, and fire retardant character.

With cover thickness upto 4mm pressed PVC, VSK solid woven conveyor belt is more suitable for toughest working condition with moisture or water, it can be used at envornment above -10°C.


PVG conveyor belt is upgrated cover compound to Nitrile rubber, which is more abrasion resistant and more suiable for steep angle conveying of wet material. 



PVC/PVG Solid Woven Conveyor Belt

Excellent fire retardant character

Impact absorb, tear resistant design.

Light weight, strong solid woven carcass.

Excellent antistatic and fire resistant properties.



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