Keep growing together with our partners.

Keep growing together with all our clients, our employees, our suppliers.


At VSK, we know only our clients' business keep growing, our business can keep growing.

Remember this simple logical is one thing, but doing is another, we need to work hard to be updated with latest technology, keep up with the pace of changing market situation, following tightly with requirment of clients in different industries.

There is a conception philosiphy in VSK team, when we know we can earn 10, we will take 7, give extra 3 to the client.  


Employee is the treasure of a company.

At VSK, we believe that employees are the company itself, we encourage every employee act with a high sense of responsibility as masters of the company. While every departments also work smoothly based on tight cooperation, mutual coordination and assistance. 


Last but not least, suppliers also means a lot to a company like VSK,

Although we have our own facgtory, we still need support from our contractual manufacturers. VSK always be grateful to their support, keeping on the same page with us in quality, delivery, new product develop and more.