Conveyor belt Quality control



Surface Qulity


Surface quality decide first impression on quality of a conveyor belt roll.

In VSK, all our team members are clearly understand that No one is willing to pay for a conveyor belt with sureface defects, even all other characters are perfectly designed, or ever exceed normal standard.  That's why we have specific requirement on surface quality of conveyor belts, repair, patches, buffering... all must be done according to our quality control standard.




Diamensions is also very important factor in VSK qulity control system.

Thickness, width, straighness, length... all these factors of belt can effect if aconveyor can be stable and safely running 



Physical & Chemical Character

Physical quality really determines service-life of conveyor belt.

VSK provides solutions for many industries according to client reuqest, different compounds are designed for specified applications.  Physical & Chemical character of each compound has it unique reason to meet requirement of comlecated working condition.

You will need SBR or EPDM as basic elastomer for heat resistant belt, NBR is ideal elastomer for grease, oil material, and you will probably need BR to improve abrasion performance of a conveyor belt...

So you must chose the right compound for conveyor working condition of your industry, but it is just a small step to the right way, there are more physical & chemical characters need your attention to make sure it will be a qualified conveyor belt, such as tensile strength, elongation at break, abrasion loss of cover rubber; oil expension testing; aging testing for aging character,  full thickness strength of the belt, elongation at standard charge load...   


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